Bear Awareness

Special note about the Artist:

"Through the eyes of wildlife, Phil shows us ourselves."

Quote from speaker at public
memorial given in Phil Frank's honor.

During a career spanning more than 30 years of cartooning, the nationally acclaimed Phil Frank did so much for the preservation of wildlife, that he was awarded a posthumous Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from the San Francisco Academy of Art University. Having illustrated numerous informational pieces for the National Parks, Mr. Frank has indeed contributed to the preservation of numerous endangered species, not to mention saved the 'putting down' of countless bears.

The key to this preservation has been education, and Mr. Frank understood that humor gets our attention. Park Rangers always note Mr. Frank's illustrations with pride. Educating us through humor, the Trust Me. Bear products have illuminated the extreme ingenuity of bears to literally thousands of Park visitors since 1985.

Mr. Frank was lauded continually for his work at Yosemite, where his "Bear Awareness" cartoons were translated into many languages - the result being an incredible and dramatic drop in the number of 'bear visitor incidents' during the very first year his cartoons were used.

Phil Frank also illustrated the "Junior Ranger" programs at Yosemite; among his other contributions are the "Insider's Guidebooks" for Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, and Muir Woods.

You can encourage Bear Awareness through support of the Trust Me. Bear products and retailers wherever you visit.

Phil's Memorial