TheTrust Me.Bears

Wholesale Souvenir Gift and Apparel Educational Humor - Bear Awareness

For 27 years, I Am Not a Bear
has remained the single most popular, longest-running, best selling humor available in the gift and souvenir apparel industry.

From the Smokey's to the Rockies, from Quebec to the Pacific Coast, this line has been a favorite among retailers. For resorts, and educators alike, the humor has served a welcome reminder as to the extreme ingenuity of wildlife, especially all kinds of bears.

In a light-hearted manner that respects wildlife, and on products visitors notice, the cartoon educates. Some shoppers simply enjoy the uproarious "con job" depicted when a hungry bear says Trust Me.

But it is the consistently record-breaking sales records that make it the time-honored favorite among retailers.

Brinker is responsible for developing the product line and is the Worldwide Exclusive Licensee for products, serving both small and large retailers.

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